GAIA is a new kind of gaming experience based on virtual economies and assets that intersect with their real world counterparts.

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About Land Rush

Land Rush is an open-source gaming experience developed by Hub Culture as a consumer gaming application for Ven based virtual economies. The project rests on the development of a proprietary gaming platform with open source fundamentals to allow for crowd-led development of numerous in-game assets managed by a decentralized library architecture, allowing for an open range of gamer experiences on a single platform.

Game development is envisioned in a series of expanding function layers in stages, with the base layer 1.0 comprising a profile, account, vault and trading function assigned to grid points on a global mapping system.

Game function

Land Rush layers Ven digital currency accounts and HubID persona profiles into a real-estate gaming experience, enabling users to trade digital real-estate based on real-world maps as a kind of “mogul”, with social connections to allow groups of users to form pools and communities to take over larger and larger areas of confined real estate.

A network of Assets are embedded in certain portions of the game, providing a sweepstakes benefit for buyers who purchase particular pieces of land with an embedded benefit. In such cases, the user can export the embedded benefit to a digital vault anchored to their profile, and can transport the item and deposit it to another asset grid/land piece in the game. Rewards for collection of particular Assets may result in redemption of the asset for a real-world counterpart. In addition, Land Grid Assets (properties) may be traded and sold, allowing users to accumulate and trade Ven for later redemption out of the game. Users can import Ven from of-fgame accounts into the game, or export Ven from the game into real-world redemption accounts for goods and services.